Monday, April 15, 2013

The Half Baked Campaign- A Brief Treatise on Elves (by a human scholar)

“Where was I? Ah yes, elves. To put it simply, elves as a whole, are some of the most arrogant sons of bitches on the continent of Abviok or as they like to say, Asinadiniel. Doesn't roll off the tongue very well does it? Asinadiniel! The elves think everything they do is superior, from their language to how they shit. Oh and they're entitled to their prejudice aren't they? They've been on Abviok for at least three thousand years. You'd think they would've developed at least a measure of humility wouldn't you, being here all this time? No, it's only made them more entrenched and stubborn in how they view the other races.

Yes, the relatively new (by elven standards anyway) Palm Concordants have forced them, in some measure, to at least learn how to get along better with humanity, but they're still secretive, smug and damn self-righteous.

I think humanity should take a lesson from the dwarves, who really don't give a shit about what the elves think. Oh the dwarves will certainly give an elf a beating when they've been pushed too hard, but other than that, there's this strange aspect of coexistence between those two peoples. It certainly helps that the dwarves like to live under the mountains while the elves like to live on top of them. You know, that should've given the delegates an indication of elven disposition, when they knew they had to trek a few miles up to the top of Glinnegown Peaks just to talk to the cheeky bastards during the High Peaks Accords. But I digress.

Then there are those handful of elves who just break the mold completely. Like those in Yethers. These buggers don't mind living with humans. Rather than coming off as arrogant, these fellows are distant shall we say? They've picked up some of humanity's better qualities (thank the gods); compassion, honor, loyalty but sometimes, they have that far off look, and if you ask them what's the matter they'll answer, 'just meditating upon a thought,' or some such thing. These type of elves are just damn frustrating, but at least I don't get the urge to throw a haymaker at them like I do with their spoiled brethren.

So lad, do you still want to make a go of courting that elven female? Take my advice, leave this manse and try to find a living dragonling, trust me, you'll have more success, even if you fail! The experience will be worth it. That elvish lass will just lead you to pain and disaster. Quite possibly, she will sacrifice your manhood to an abattoir. But such is the folly of youth hey?”

-from the Sage Cedifor Maddock, as he attempted to dissuade young Master Kearins from fawning over the daughter of an elven consulate

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