Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Half Baked Campaign: written from an NPC's POV

'Spire of Bones, Mageslayer, Dread Tower, all of these are names given to this wondrous, murderous construct I see before me as I leave the North Gate of Goshen. Sages and scholars have argued with me that it is not so. The older sergeants of the watch whisper in their pubs and their patrol routes along the northwest river tower, “It's a bloody weapon.” I look to this elegant, ancient edifice and I feel fear, and humility.

The spire is thousands of years old. The goblins, who have settled this area well before the first Sulkiri fished the Cefron's banks, call it, 'Poegshi,' roughly translated 'Fire's Cliff.' The dwarves don't talk about it. The elves, smug as always, only grin at us when we ask their emissaries of this place. Yet still I pressed them whenever I could. “You humans were foolish to build a city near it, now your accountability has come to roost in one of your squalid nests,” this rebuke is what I received from their most recent consular to our city.

This festival we hold every year is folly, as is our meager attempts to gain knowledge of what this spire truly is. It is anathema and it is a strong testament to the age of its fabrication. But make no mistake, no one, and I say again, no one, has ever coaxed its secrets from its unfractured, timeless stonework.'

-Egron Rooke, mage of the Garnet Cooperative, addressing 'adventurers' who participated in The Festival of Knock, 458 TR

'I'll be back in three bells time with a trinket from that tower old fart.'
-Adlar Gepidae, self styled captain of The Savage Sables adventuring company, responding to Egron's caution, 458 TR

The Sables were obliterated before they even set foot on the isle, and 6 score men and women lost their lives or disappeared that day. The onlookers of the city were happy, if only for a few days, despite the bloodshed. It was a welcome escape for the darker times to come, as Anfekor's economy continued to plummet like a stone in the deeps of the Cefron.

All excerpts taken from 'Chronicles of Modern Goshen,' written in the Third Imperial Reckoning, in the year four hundred and fifty nine.

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